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Support--Help, Bugs, and Documentation

The best way to report an issue, desired feature, or any other craving is at the github bug tracker.

You're also welcome to contact the humble maintainer at:

Here's online documentation for all functions, the same as what's in the help files included with playitbyr version 0.2-0:

+.sonify Add additional layers or options onto sonify objects
print.sonify Print method for 'sonify' objects
scale_attkp_continuous Continuous scales for note attacks
scale_attkp_exp Continuous scales for note attacks
scale_attkp_identity Use values without scaling
scale_decayp_continuous Continuous note decay scales
scale_decayp_exp Continuous note decay scales
scale_decayp_identity Use values without scaling
scale_dur_continuous Continuous note duration scales
scale_dur_exp Continuous note duration scales
scale_dur_identity Use values without scaling
scale_indx_continuous Continuous modulation index scales
scale_indx_exp Continuous modulation index scales
scale_indx_identity Use values without scaling
scale_mod_continuous Continuous modulation multiplier scales
scale_mod_exp Continuous modulation multiplier scales
scale_mod_identity Use values without scaling
scale_pan_continuous Continuous pan scales
scale_pan_exp Continuous pan scales
scale_pan_identity Use values without scaling
scale_pitch_continuous Continuous pitch scales
scale_pitch_exp Continuous pitch scales
scale_pitch_identity Use values without scaling
scale_tempo_continuous Continuous tempo scales
scale_tempo_exp Continuous tempo scales
scale_tempo_identity Use values without scaling
scale_time_continuous Continuous scales for note starting times
scale_time_exp Continuous scales for note starting times
scale_time_identity Use values without scaling
scale_vol_continuous Continuous note volume scales
scale_vol_exp Continuous note volume scales
scale_vol_identity Use values without scaling
shape_boxplot Create a boxplot layer
shape_csound Create arbitrary csound layer
shape_dotplot Create a dotplot layer
shape_histogram Create a histogram layer
shape_scatter Create a scatterplot layer
sonaes Create mappings and parameters for sonification objects
sonfacet Simple faceting
sonify Create sonification objects
sonopts Sonification rendering options
sonsave Save sonifications to an audio file
summary.sonify Summary method for sonify objects