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scale_decayp_exp {playitbyr}R Documentation

Continuous note decay scales


These shortcut functions (with the notation scale_[sound parameter]_[scaling function]) are intended to be added onto a sonify object to specify how [data parameter] from the data (a column of the data) is to be mapped to sonic parameters (here, "decayp", the percentage of the note devoted to the decay/fade out).


  scale_decayp_exp(soundlimits, limits = NULL, by = NULL,

  scale_decayp_continuous(soundlimits, limits = NULL,
    by = NULL, ...)



Other parameters (currently ignored)


The limits of the sound parameter.


The limits of the data to train, a numeric vector of length 2. All data values outside these limits are returned as NA. If NULL, the default, the function takes the minimum and maximum of the data


The unit to round the sound parameter to.


In shape_scatter, there are 3 phases of a note: the attack (the initial fade-in of the note), sustain (where the note is held), and the decay (the final fade-out of the note. decayp is the percentage of the note devoted to the decay; so a note with decayp would have a very abrupt ending, whereas a note with decayp = 0.5 would gradually fade out.

_continuous scales are a linear scaling, whereas _exp is an exponential scale.


A sonscaling object, to be used in sonify or added onto a sonify object.

See Also

shape_scatter, which has more information about this parameter