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Sonification Resources

The recently published Sonification Handbook, which is freely available online, is quite helpful for exploring and diving deeper into the many different possible ways of engaging with your data.

Thomas Herrman provides a good introduction to the field, and some of his work sonifying motion.

LHCsound is a group of physicists who are exploring Large Hadron Collider data via sound.

John Flowers of the University of Nebraska has a nice summary of some of the potential and pitfalls of using sonification to explore datasets.

Georgia Tech has a interdisciplinary Sonification Lab where they research sonification and auditory display applications, including using it to help people with vision disabilities navigate, learn math, and even explore and experience an aquarium. An easy tool for immediately playing with sonification is the Georgia Tech Sonification Lab's free Sonification Sandbox. This provides a graphical user interface for importing a comma-separated values file into the program, and allows exploration of different ways of mapping variables to sound parameters and providing context cues to the listener.

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